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News: Ileo celebrates 18 years online!

We are changing the � icon to show in registration numbers, not the name of the dog.
Likewise all # ## etc which showed LPN status are being removed from name and will show in registration numbers instead. You can search registration numbers.
Preliminary death stats for 2015:Please view Leonberger Longevity Project
LPN1&2 & LEMP reports are now being published. Please send us your LPN1&2,LEMP data to ileodata@gmail.com
ILEO has released Popular Sires before 2000 statistics and Popular Sires 2000+ statistics.
Current Popular Sires & possible future "Matadors". Update 29th March 2019
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Don't include titles in your search.
A partial name or kennel name will return better results.
Use surnames (family name) in your breeder and owner searches.
You should use accents, other non usual English keyboard strokes or type in a portion of the name that does not have them.
If you can't find the Leo you are looking for, please see "Using the Database" for further information or send us an email.

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TRIAL PEDIGREES: Enter the sire and dam and get a printable five generation pedigree that lists hips, elbows,LPN1 and eye information. Click here.
"Auf Deutsch".

Popular Sires before 2000: Have a look at the "Matadors" from the past Click here.

Popular Sires 2000-: Have a look at the current "Matadors" which is still a work in progress Click here.


LPN1, LPN2 & LEMP results now available. Search Field is being changed to show in registration numbers instead of Names.
Single # denotes LPN1 & 2 N/N clear, ## shows dogs with D/N carrier or at risk, and ### shows D/D affected. Please send copies of your LPN1, 2 & Lemp results to ileodata@gmail.com.

Date of birth and death/health details, dogs with no kennel name, country of origin search: We have added a search for date of birth. After selecting the drop down box for Date of Birth, in the search box, add yyyy-mm-dd. Example: 2006-03-24. If you want to just search the year and month, you may also do that by adding yyyy-mm or simply just the year in the search box.

You can also now search for dogs in the database that do not have a kennel name. Select Kennel in the drop down box. In the search box add: no affix. We have also made the kennel field easier to search by removing the diacriticals. Diacriticals still remain in the name field, breeder field and owner field.

To search by country select that from the drop down box and type in the country name in the search box.

To search death and health details, select Death/Health in the drop down box. If you want to see dogs that died from cancer, type cancer into the search box. If you want to find the number of dogs that lived to be ten or over, type in 10y, 11y, 12y, 13y, 14y, 15y, 16y. To see all the entries in this field, just type in y. There are more than 4,860 verified deaths recorded online. The more information that we receive from you, the more helpful this field will be. Please submit death dates and health information and allow us to make it public. Ask your breeder to submit their litters and information. Thank you for helping us to make this a better database for you.

Longevity Project:NEW!! We have compiled death statistics; the first pages are available. We continue to gather and publish death information over all ages and invite you to send the details (note date of death or note that dog is still alive) in an email to ileodata@gmail.com. The results of this project can be found by clicking here. Please be sure to tell us about your "grand veterans".

Linking: You can link your Leo to a webpage by following the directions at the bottom of your dog's pedigree. This is an unchanging (static) link that will stay the same when the database is updated.Exceptions can occur as we modify health and death status in the names.
Please note that all death, LPN are being removed from names and will show on registration numbers instead

Photo icons: You can view which dogs have photos in your dog's pedigree by looking at the icons on the pedigree form - we have used the same icons that the search page features for photos. A magnifing glass shows there is a photo, and a red line through the the magnifing glass shows there is no photo sent yet. Please send photos for dogs that have no photo listed.

11th December 2019 There are 139,882 entries in the International Leonberger Database as of today and 9826+ photos. Updates to the International Leonberger Database will be uploaded as quickly as possible (usually twice every week). Please send photos as jpegs to ileodata@gmail.com and name the photo with the dog's registered name. Thank you for all your positive comments and submissions! We greatly appreciate all the people who have taken the time to send in new Leos, health data and photos of their Leonbergers and donations for the database. If you spot a mistake, please tell us!