Leonberger Longevity Project

Who is the oldest living Leonberger today? The quest is on!
So far the oldest alive Leo in 2016 is "Tsuni" Cherrie Wally v. Cueva de Leones at 15 years old

So far the oldest alive Leo in 2016 is Aneta Od Lenešického rybníka at 14 years 6m old from the Czech Republic.Sadly she died just a few days later.
So far the oldest alive Leo in 2015 is Cherrie Wally v. Cueva de Leones at 14 years old

Ileo has updated death statistics for 2015 using 4346 recorded deaths as of June 2015. We haven't finished updating the causes but it does not look like much has changed over the last year with majority of dogs dying under 10 years old, 73.91%.
The average remains between 8th to 10th years:-
508 11.69% died aged 8 to under 9 years old
502 11.55% died aged 9 to under 10 years old
500 11.50% died 10 to under 11 years old
Many thanks to Edith for her tireless efforts!
Leonberger Overall Deaths 2015

Thanks to Edith Steffen and Martina Haag, ileo is now able to bring you some statistics.
Leonberger Overall Deaths:- In relation to age as of 30th May 2014 from 3965 recorded
Cancer Deaths:- In relation to age as of 15th May 2014
Overall Causes of Death:- From known cases as of 15th May 2014

We have removed the longevity pages as now you can search directly for all deaths. Use "death/health" option from drop down menu on main search page. You can type in y to view all dogs or number of years dogs have lived to, eg 10y, 02y etc.
You can also type in various causes of death in second search box, e.g.,Cancer; will show all forms of cancer, or you can be more specific. Try Osteo to see the biggest number of Leo deaths from this cancer. Play around a bit, we are trying to make this search as useful as possible.

We have had a huge success in response to our Longevity Project! Thank you to all who have sent in details of their Leos who have lived to be ten years of age or older. We are still collecting this information and invite you to send the details (note date of death or note that dog is still alive) in an email to ileodata@gmail.com

The Database currently has almost 4,500 death dates (or Leonbergers still alive) of which more than 600 have lived to 10+ years and we hope that owners and breeders continue to submit DODs and causes so that our new stastics will be able to grow and benefit all. So far the average age of death is still around 8.5 years with osteosarcoma as the biggest cause of death.


If you would like to contribute the same information that is being collected here, to the Leonberger Cause of Death Rregistry information being collected by the LCA HREC on www.leowatch.org you can find the form at: http://www.leowatch.org/PDFfiles/CauseofDeathRegistry.pdf

For more information on the project, please visit Leo Watch.