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18 Leonbergers found with same sire and dam.

Aiax v. Gaisberg1966-05-25M
Alex v. Gaisberg1966-05-25MB
Alf v. Gaisberg1966-05-25M
Alfa v. Gaisberg1966-05-25F
Anka v. Gaisberg1966-05-25F
Annuschka v. Gaisberg1966-05-25F
Arko v. Gaisberg1966-05-25MB
Astor v. Gaisberg1966-05-25M
Bari v. Gaisberg1967-10-21M
Barko v. Gaisberg1967-10-21M
Bella v. Gaisberg1967-10-21F
Bello v. Gaisberg1967-10-21M
Benno v. Gaisberg1967-10-21M
Bessi v. Gaisberg1967-10-21F
Betti v. Gaisberg1967-10-21F
Boris v. Gaisberg1967-10-21M
Britta v. Gaisberg1967-10-21F
Bärbel v. Gaisberg1967-10-21F