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17 Leonbergers found with same sire and dam.

Leonberget,z J N Dazzling Daisy1985-04-27F
Leonberget,z J N Desert Diamond1985-04-27Fua
Leonberget,z J N Guardian Angel1985-04-27FuaPost Polar & other partial cataracts 1991 & 1992
Other partial cataract 1990
Non heriditory cataract 1987
Leonberget,z J N Mister Sandman1985-04-27M
Leonberget,z J N Undercouverd Agent1985-04-27MuaClear 18/10/90
Leonberget,z J N Witching Footprint1985-04-27FuaClear 28/3/91
Leonberget,z J N Gamesters Gaia1985-04-27FuaNon heriditory cataract 18/1/90
Other partial cataract 14/8/89
Leonberget,z J N Might Have Ben Que1985-04-27FuaClear 6/9/86
Leonberget,z J N Why Independent1985-04-27FuaClear 15/1/88
Leonberget,z J N Twilight Zoon1985-04-27FuaClear 16/7/87
Leonberget,z Yachtsman1988-03-07Mua
Leonberget,z Yam Zarina1988-03-07Fua
Leonberget,z Yarrow In Victual1988-03-07F
Leonberget,z Yashmas to Take Away1988-03-07F
Leonberget,z Yearly Wisdom1988-03-07F
Leonberget,z Yield to Temptation1988-03-07F
Leonberget,z Youngster1988-03-07M