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41 Leonbergers found with same sire and dam.

Udda v. Pappelhof1967-05-14F
Ulf v. Pappelhof1967-05-14M
Unkas v. Pappelhof1967-05-14M
Ursa v. Pappelhof1967-05-14F
Urschel v. Pappelhof1967-05-14F
Ursus v. Pappelhof1967-05-14M
Usko v. Pappelhof1967-05-14M
Usus v. Pappelhof1967-05-14M
Wanda v. Pappelhof1968-05-28F
Wanja v. Pappelhof1968-05-28M
Waran v. Pappelhof1968-05-28M
Wasja v. Pappelhof1968-05-28M
Wega v. Pappelhof1968-05-28F
Wilma v. Pappelhof1968-05-28F
Wolfram v. Pappelhof1968-05-28M
Wotan v. Pappelhof1968-05-28M
Wulfilas v. Pappelhof1968-05-28M
Achill v. Pappelhof1969-11-09M
Amor v. Pappelhof1969-11-09M
Anja v. Pappelhof1969-11-09F
Anke v. Pappelhof1969-11-09F
Anni v. Pappelhof1969-11-09F
Argus v. Pappelhof (2)1969-11-09M
Artus v. Pappelhof1969-11-09M
Astor v. Pappelhof1969-11-09M
Caesar v. Pappelhof1970-11-26M
Caiko v. Pappelhof1970-11-26M
Cassias v. Pappelhof1970-11-26M
Cato v. Pappelhof1970-11-26M
Cherry v. Pappelhof1970-11-26M
Corny v. Pappelhof1970-11-26M
Cyrus v. Pappelhof1970-11-26M
Dagma v. Pappelhof1971-06-25F
Diana v. Pappelhof1971-06-25F
Dina v. Pappelhof1971-06-25F
Donar v. Pappelhof1971-06-25M
Douglas v. Pappelhof1971-06-25M
Felix v. Pappelhof1972-05-01M
Feodora v. Pappelhof1972-05-01F
Ferro v. Pappelhof (2)1972-05-01M
Franziska v. Pappelhof1972-05-01F