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317 Leonbergers found.

Leonberget,z J N Dazzling Daisy1985-04-27F
Leonberget,z J N Desert Diamond1985-04-27Fua
Leonberget,z J N Guardian Angel1985-04-27FuaPost Polar & other partial cataracts 1991 & 1992
Other partial cataract 1990
Non heriditory cataract 1987
Leonberget,z J N Mister Sandman1985-04-27M
Leonberget,z J N Undercouverd Agent1985-04-27MuaClear 18/10/90
Leonberget,z J N Witching Footprint1985-04-27FuaClear 28/3/91
Leonberget,z J N Gamesters Gaia1985-04-27FuaNon heriditory cataract 18/1/90
Other partial cataract 14/8/89
Leonberget,z J N Might Have Ben Que1985-04-27FuaClear 6/9/86
Leonberget,z J N Why Independent1985-04-27FuaClear 15/1/88
Leonberget,z J N Twilight Zoon1985-04-27FuaClear 16/7/87
Leonberget,z C1986-02-28FuaClear 23/12/88
Leonberget,z Chain Reaction1986-02-28Fua
Leonberget,z Collekting Bonus1986-02-28MuaClear 13/5/88
Leonberget,z Copper Coin1986-02-28FuaClear 17/9/90
Leonberget,z Cover Girl1986-02-28Fua
Leonberget,z Crystal Cobra1986-02-28Fua
Leonberget,z Cupric Candy1986-02-28FuaClear 21/9/92
Leonberget,z Saved by the Bell1987-04-20Mua
Leonberget,z Scandal Beautys Gigolo1987-04-20M
Leonberget,z Scandinavian Creation1987-04-20F
Leonberget,z She Fools No One1987-04-20Fua
Leonberget,z Signed by the Witch1987-04-20Fuaua (0)
Leonberget,z So Far so Good1987-04-20Mua
Leonberget,z Soldier of Fortune1987-04-20Muaua (0)
Leonberget,z Solid as a Rock1987-04-20MuaClear 29/9/88
Leonberget,z Strange Kind of Woman1987-04-20FuaClear 26/11/88
Leonberget,z Swedish Scandal Beauty1987-04-20F
Leonberget,z After Dark1987-06-05Mua
Leonberget,z Against the Wind1987-06-05Fuanon heriditory cataract 7/12/93
Partial cataract 22/1/92
Leonberget,z Alien with Alibi1987-06-05Fua
Leonberget,z Ambassador of Atlantis1987-06-0507/01/1999 11y 7mMuaClear 23/4/92
Leonberget,z Angeldust1987-06-05FuaClear 6/9/91
Leonberget,z Antique Angelique1987-06-05FuaPartial cataract 8/11/93
Leonberget,z Avenging Angel1987-06-05F1
Leonberget,z Teach me Tiger1987-07-30Mua
Leonberget,z The Man Behind the Mask1987-07-30Mprel. grad 4
Leonberget,z This is the Reason1987-07-30Fua
Leonberget,z Tiamo Delay1987-07-30Fgrad 2ua (0)Clear 10/8/88
Leonberget,z Watch-Man for Security1987-09-13Muaua (0)Other Partial Cataracts 14/5/93
Clear 2/11/91
Leonberget,z Waterproof Generation1987-09-13FuaPost Polar Cataracts Severe 14/9/89
Leonberget,z Weni Widi Wici1987-09-13Fuaua (0)Other Partial Cataracts 14/5/93
Clear 16/10/90
Leonberget,z Want to Catch Your Eye1987-09-13Fuaua (0)Post Polar Cataracts 18/10/89 & 18/9/89
Leonberget,z Whats Colour of Money1987-09-13F
Leonberget,z Whats the Big Rush1987-09-13Mua
Leonberget,z Whipped Cream Creation1987-09-13F
Leonberget,z Winter in Fantasia1987-09-13Mgrad 1
Leonberget,z Wizard of Illusion's1987-09-13M
Leonberget,z Woice from Atlantis1987-09-13Mgrad 2
Leonberget,z X von Xanadu1988-02-26FuaClear 18/5/90
Leonberget,z X:et1988-02-26F
Leonberget,z Xact For Your Onner1988-02-26Muaua (0)
Leonberget,z Xmakes the Rules1988-02-26Muaua (0)Clear 15/2/92
Leonberget,z Xotic Faritail1988-02-26Fua
Leonberget,z Xperience in Sunshine1988-02-26F
Leonberget,z Xpert from Atlantis1988-02-26Mua
Leonberget,z Xplain it Master1988-02-26M
Leonberget,z Xplosive Dynamite1988-02-26F
Leonberget,z Xpress Inspiration1988-02-26F
Leonberget,z Xtra Made in Sweden1988-02-26Fua
Leonberget,z Yachtsman1988-03-07Mua
Leonberget,z Yam Zarina1988-03-07Fua
Leonberget,z Yarrow In Victual1988-03-07F
Leonberget,z Yashmas to Take Away1988-03-07F
Leonberget,z Yearly Wisdom1988-03-07F
Leonberget,z Yield to Temptation1988-03-07F
Leonberget,z Youngster1988-03-07M
Leonberget,z Zerberus1988-03-10Mua
Leonberget,z Zero Point1988-03-10M
Leonberget,z Zick Zack1988-03-10M
Leonberget,z Zimzalabim1988-03-10Fua
Leonberget,z Zmash Nobility1988-03-10M
Leonberget,z Zoon Amy Zoon1988-03-10Fua
Leonberget,z Ztreamline Design1988-03-10M
Leonberget,z Ånyx1988-03-13F
Leonberget,z Åpahl1988-03-13Fuaua (0)
Leonberget,z Årizza1988-03-13FuaClear 16/2/95
Leonberget,z Årkan1988-03-13Mgrad 1
Leonberget,z Åsitha1988-03-13F
Leonberget,z Åskboll1988-03-13M
Leonberget,z Åskvigg1988-03-13Mua
Leonberget,z Å Vilken Miss1988-03-13FuaClear 15/1/90
Leonberget,z Cash on Delivery1988-05-08Mua
Leonberget,z Catch a Fire1988-05-08Mua
Leonberget,z Catch me if you can1988-05-08F
Leonberget,z Catch the Moon1988-05-08F
Leonberget,z Chef-Doevre1988-05-08Mgrad 1Clear 25/2/90
Leonberget,z Circle in the Sand1988-05-08Mua
Leonberget,z Classified Top Secret1988-05-08M
Leonberget,z Consield Attraction1988-05-08Fuaua (0)Clear 2/6/89
Leonberget,z Creatid by Fortuna1988-05-08F
Leonberget,z I Doit For Fun1988-10-07Fua
Leonberget,z I Owe You One1988-10-07F
Leonberget,z Impossible To Say1988-10-07Mua
Leonberget,z Inscription Atlantis1988-10-07F
Leonberget,z Interline Message1988-10-07Fuaua (0)Clear 10/3/92
Leonberget,z Invited from Atlantis1988-10-07Mua
Leonberget,z Itzi Bitzi Spider1988-10-07M
Leonberget,z Brute Borand Van Geest1988-12-16MuaClear 30/7/92
Leonberget,z Carol Van Herwijnen1988-12-16Fgrad 1
Leonberget,z Cor Van Der Rijn1988-12-16M
Leonberget,z Karst Van Der Meulen1988-12-16Mgrad 1ua (0)
Leonberget,z Natalie Van Der Wal1988-12-16Fua
Leonberget,z Rambling Revenger1989-02-18Fua
Leonberget,z Rebell1989-02-18M
Leonberget,z Red Leonessa1989-02-18Fgrad 2ua (0)
Leonberget,z Red Rouge and Ruche1989-02-18Fuaua (0)
Leonberget,z Reflex to Atlantis1989-02-18Fuaua (0)
Leonberget,z Remember my Name1989-02-18Fgrad 1
Leonberget,z Respect1989-02-18Mua
Leonberget,z Revir1989-02-18Muaua (0)
Leonberget,z Rising Sun1989-02-18Fua
Leonberget,z Blyger1989-03-11M
Leonberget,z Butter1989-03-11M
Leonberget,z Glader1989-03-11M
Leonberget,z Kloker1989-03-11M
Leonberget,z Prinsen1989-03-11M
Leonberget,z Prosit1989-03-11M
Leonberget,z Snövit1989-03-11F
Leonberget,z Toker1989-03-11M
Leonberget,z Trötter1989-03-11M
Leonberget,z Buy Your Instruction1989-06-07M
Leonberget,z It Takes a Life Time1989-06-07F
Leonberget,z The Year Eightynine1989-06-07M
Leonberget,z Scandinavian1989-12-12F
Leonberget,z Scarlett1989-12-12Fua
Leonberget,z Scoop from Atlantis1989-12-12Fuaua (0)Clear 25/5/94
Leonberget,z Sheik1989-12-12Mua
Leonberget,z Sterling1989-12-12Mua
Leonberget,z Storm in Atlantis1989-12-12M
Leonberget,z Fata Morgana1989-12-15Fua
Leonberget,z Freece and Starry1989-12-15Fgrad 1Clear 10/2/93
Leonberget,z Freeze Galaxy1989-12-15F
Leonberget,z Frost from Atlantis1989-12-15M
Leonberget,z Frostid Lion1989-12-15M
Leonberget,z Frozen Starlight1989-12-15Fuaua (0)
Leonberget,z Amulett av Narnina1990-02-20Fua
Leonberget,z Askungen av Narnia1990-02-20FA/AClear 2/8/91
Leonberget,z Aslan Makes a Rhapsody1990-02-20MuaClear 27/2/91
Leonberget,z Bagatell Wan Löwe1990-05-08Fua1
Leonberget,z Baghera Wan Löwe1990-05-08Fua
Leonberget,z Bandit Wan Löwe1990-05-08M
Leonberget,z Baraquda Wan Löwe1990-05-08Fgrad 1ua (0)
Leonberget,z Baroque Wan Löwe1990-05-08Muaua (0)Clear 23/10/93
Leonberget,z Bebopalula of Rhapsody1990-05-08F
Leonberget,z Bluff Wan Löwe1990-05-08M
Leonberget,z Bonanza Wan Löwe1990-05-08Fua
Leonberget,z Bonni Bee of Rhapsody1990-05-08Fuaua (0)Clear 18/7/94
Leonberget,z Boutique Wan Löwe1990-05-08F
Leonberget,z Bozz Wan Löwe1990-05-08M
Leonberget,z Bravado Wan Löwe1990-05-08M
Leonberget,z By Puma Wan Löwe1990-05-08F
Leonberget,z Crusader from Atlantis at Manorguard1990-09-06M2/2
Leonberget,z Devilja de Luxe1990-09-11F
Leonberget,z Dungeon Master1990-09-11M
Leonberget,z Ebba Goes to City1990-09-30FuaNon Heriditory Cataracts 06/04/94
Leonberget,z Ebba Goes to Hollywood1990-09-30F
Leonberget,z Echo from Atlantis1990-09-30M
Leonberget,z Esqiman in Atlantis1990-09-30M
Leonberget,z Evil-Lynn1990-09-30F
Leonberget,z Gladiator of Royalty1991-03-01Mua
Leonberget,z Goldenchild of Royalty1991-03-01Fuaua (0)Clear 28/02/97
Leonberget,z Grand Slam of Royalty1991-03-01Fua
Leonberget,z Granddesign of Royalty1991-03-01Dec 2004 13y 11mFuaClear 29/12/93
Leonberget,z Gun's 'N Roses1991-03-01F
Leonberget,z Lady in Red at Manorguard1991-03-01F
Leonberget,z Fake a Fandango1991-03-15Mua
Leonberget,z Fake Your A Prince1991-03-15M
Leonberget,z Freja1991-03-15F
Leonberget,z Freni at Denhams1991-03-15Fuaua (0)Clear 03/04/97
Leonberget,z Hey I'm Milton1991-05-08Mua
Leonberget,z History Maker1991-05-08F
Leonberget,z Honney Hart Of Leon1991-05-08FuaOther Partial Cataracts 14/09/94
Leonberget,z Ilska Ur Lejonhjärtat1991-07-25FB/BClear 02/01/97
Leonberget,z Imma Ur Lejonhjärtat1991-07-25Fua
Leonberget,z Iroc ur Lejonhjärtat1991-07-25Mua
Leonberget,z Ironi Ur Lejonhjärtat1991-07-25FuaClear 23/09/96
Leonberget,z Jägare Ur Trolldimman1991-08-22M
Leonberget,z Jämmer Ur Trollfacklan1991-08-22F
Leonberget,z Jango ur Trolldimman1991-08-22M
Leonberget,z Jänta Ur Trollfacklan1991-08-22F
Leonberget,z Jaxon ur Trolldimman1991-08-22Mua
Leonberget,z Jessie ur Trolldimman1991-08-22FuaClear 02/05/93
Leonberget,z Jonny the Rocker1991-08-22MuaClear 19/03/93
Leonberget,z Kandidat Från OS 921992-02-08Mua
Leonberget,z Komet Från OS 921992-02-08FClear 19/01/95
Leonberget,z Krita Från OS 921992-02-08F
Leonberget,z Kungen Från OS 921992-02-08M
Leonberget,z Kurir Från OS 921992-02-08Mua
Leonberget,z Kvittra Från OS 921992-02-08F
Leonberget,z Last Angel on Guard1992-03-26Fgrad 1
Leonberget,z Leather and Pearls1992-03-26Fuaua (0)Non Heriditary Cataracts 28/11/96
Clear 07/11/94
Leonberget,z Lemon Drop1992-03-26F
Leonberget,z Lion Angel1992-03-26F
Leonberget,z Lucky Devil1992-03-26M
Leonberget,z Ludwig den I1992-03-26M
Leonberget,z Lustans Lakej1992-03-26M
Leonberget,z Midsommarensfinansvalp1992-06-19M
Leonberget,z Midsommar Hjälte1992-06-19M
Leonberget,z Midsommar Makt1992-06-19Muaua (0)Clear 23/12/93
Leonberget,z Midsommar Natt1992-06-19M
Leonberget,z Midsommar Pojken1992-06-19Mua
Leonberget,z Midsommar Vinst1992-06-19Muaua (0)
Leonberget,z Moonlight Serenade at Manorguard1992-06-19Fuaua (0)Clear 25/05/94
Leonberget,z Moonlightning1992-06-19F
Leonberget,z Heder & Samvete1992-07-14M
Leonberget,z Mot Alla Odds1992-07-14M
Leonberget,z När Vinden Vänder1992-07-14Fuaua (0)Clear 16/04/96
Leonberget,z På Gott & Ont1992-07-14Mua
Leonberget,z Rysk Roulette1992-07-14M
Leonberget,z Viskning I Mörkret1992-07-14F
Leonberget,z Lady Madonna at Manorguard1993-01-22F7:6
Leonberget,z Phantom of the Opera1993-01-22Muaua (0)
Leonberget,z Phem Etta1993-01-22F
Leonberget,z Phoole in One at Fivas1993-01-2231/03/2003 10y 2mF
Leonberget,z Quatermaine1993-06-23Muaua (0)
Leonberget,z Quriosa Wan Löwe1993-06-2310/12/2001 08y 5mFuaua (0)Post Polar cataracts, OP cat, Glaucoma 6/11/98
Leonberget,z Quriosity Kill the Cat1993-06-23Fuaua (0)
Leonberget,z Qurry Mod Q1993-06-23MuaPost Polar Cataracts 25/10/94
Leonberget,z Qute Little Emma1993-06-23F1ua (0)
Leonberget,z Quzack1993-06-23Muaua (0)
Leonberget,z Tomas O'Malley1993-06-23M
Leonberget,z Saga Ranni Dottir1993-09-17Fgrad 2ua (0)
Leonberget,z Sappo1993-09-17M
Leonberget,z Sari Sjöbjörn1993-09-17Fuaua (0)Clear 09/10/99
Leonberget,z Senator1993-09-17M
Leonberget,z She's All Mine1993-09-17Fuaua (0)Y suture vacuoles 24/08/98 & 30/06/97
Clear 20/12/95
Leonberget,z Sky is the Limit1993-09-17F
Leonberget,z Son of Jiggen1993-09-17M
Leonberget,z Swedish Diamond1993-09-17MA10-0
Leonberget,z Sweet Lady1993-09-17Fuaua (0)Clear 07/02/95
Leonberget,z Thäxa ur Björnflätan1994-01-09Fgrad 2ua (0)
Leonberget,z Bungy Jump1994-03-02Fuaua (0)
Leonberget,z General Lee Custer1994-03-02M
Leonberget,z Maximum Overdrive1994-03-02Muaua (0)
Leonberget,z Pax Romana1994-03-02F
Leonberget,z Unik Ayla1994-03-02F
Leonberget,z Flickan Från Havanna to Manorguard1995-02-202000 05y
Leonberget,z Halvmåne från Atlantis1995-05-21F
Leonberget,z Helium från Atlantis1995-05-21F
Leonberget,z Historia från Atlantis1995-05-21F
Leonberget,z Härskare från Atlantis1995-05-21M
Leonberget,z Härva från Atlantis1995-05-21F
Leonberget,z Häxa från Atlantis1995-05-21F
Leonberget,z Waltzing Matilda1995-08-17F
Leonberget,z Wildfire Girl1995-08-17FB/BClear 18/01/02
Leonberget,z Winnie the Pooh1995-08-17M
Leonberget,z Alabama1995-11-21F
Leonberget,z Alberta1995-11-21F
Leonberget,z Arizona1995-11-21F
Leonberget,z Bismarck1995-11-21M
Leonberget,z Buffalo1995-11-21M
Leonberget,z Colorado1995-11-21M
Leonberget,z Martinique1995-11-21F
Leonberget,z Miami1995-11-21F
Leonberget,z Virginia1995-11-21F
Leonberget,z Benjamin Syrsa1996-07-19F
Leonberget,z Object Kingsize1996-07-19M
Leonberget,z Odds On Point Blank1996-07-19M
Leonberget,z Olympiska Elden1996-07-19F
Leonberget,z Onkel Pokerface1996-07-19M
Leonberget,z Onrush Puff Puff1996-07-19F
Leonberget,z Oskar de la Hoya1996-07-19M
Leonberget,z Oxford Paragon1996-07-19M
Leonberget,z Palomino Palace1997-04-28F
Leonberget,z Paradise Papaya1997-04-28Fuaua (0)Clear 12/11/98
Leonberget,z Pinto Pyramid1997-04-28Muaua (0)Clear 25/3/00
Leonberget,z Prefix Profile1997-04-28M
Leonberget,z Princess Pimpernel1997-04-28F
Leonberget,z Prototype Position1997-04-28M
Leonberget,z Public Pleasure1997-04-28M
Leonberget,z Puzzle Panorama1997-04-28Mua
Leonberget,z Pythagoras Prize1997-04-28M
Leonberget,z Q-Boat Jamie1999-01-30F
Leonberget,z Qaramell Från Månen1999-01-30F
Leonberget,z Qorona Loxton1999-01-30F
Leonberget,z Qrut Af Sweden1999-01-30M
Leonberget,z Quantas Af Sweden1999-01-30Mprel. B
Leonberget,z Quarter Back1999-01-30M
Leonberget,z Quattro Stagioni1999-01-30DOD? Under 09yFAua (0)
Leonberget,z Queen Of Bluehill1999-01-30F
Leonberget,z Quickstep In Sahara1999-01-30FBua (0)Clear 17/4/03
Leonberget,z Quite Alright Jessie1999-01-30F
Leonberget,z Qumulus Of Sky1999-01-30M
Leonberget,z Qvarnstrom1999-01-30M
Leonberget,z Qul Nästan Jämt1999-01-30FB (20/2/01) & D (20/8/00)ua (0)Y Suture vacuoles 18/2/03
Leonberget,z To Be Continued2000-02-24FDua (0)
Leonberget,z Åckra Jade2001-02-18FCua (0)Clear 14/09/02
Leonberget,z Åh Vackra Emma2001-02-18FAua (0)Clear 11/03/03
Leonberget,z Årpheus Brigade2001-02-18MAua (0)
Leonberget,z Åskan Av Blåkulla2001-02-18M
Leonberget,z Åssian Grim2001-02-18M
Leonberget,z Åbrian Fabric2001-02-18M
Leonberget,z Ålympix Bazar2001-02-18DOD? Under 08yM
Leonberget,z Ånassis Stroll2001-02-18M
Leonberget,z Ådina Sabrina2001-02-18F
Leonberget,z Årion Capricorn2001-02-18FCua (0)Clear 14/09/02
Leonberget,z Åsiris Magenta2001-02-18FCua (0)Clear 14/09/02
Leonberget,z Sacco Af Bäcka2003-03-25M
Leonberget,z Santa Maria Tex Mex2003-03-25FAua (0)Clear 02/03/05
Leonberget,z Santo Af Bäcka2003-03-25MAua (0)
Leonberget,z Sheriffen Af Bäcka2003-03-25M
Leonberget,z Sigge The Superior2003-03-25MAua (0)
Leonberget,z Smilla Af Bäcka2003-03-25FAua (0)Clear 22/11/04
Leonberget,z Starke Af Bäcka2003-03-25MDua (0)
Leonberget,z Sunrise Bessie2003-03-25F
Leonberget,z Svante Af Bäcka2003-03-25M
Leonberget,z Sweetie Af Bäcka2003-03-25F
Leonberget,z Kamoflage2004-05-30MAua (0)Clear 28/03/08
Leonberget,z Kango2004-05-30M
Leonberget,z Kanvas2004-05-30M
Leonberget,z Karat2004-05-30M
Leonberget,z Kasanova2004-05-30M
Leonberget,z Knack Knack2004-05-30F
Leonberget,z Krohm at Jocolda2004-05-30M3:50Clear Cataracts 04/11/06
Leonberget,z Kujo Kavat2004-05-30M
Leonberget,z Kurra Gömma2004-05-30FAua (0)Y suture vacuoles 14/07/08
Clear 29/05/06
Leonberget,z Kailar Af Bäcka2004-05-30M